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Getting your studio listed in

Listings in are free. To qualify, a studio must be located in Los Angeles County, California.

To get listed or to modify a listing, email with the words “” in the subject line.

All listings must include the studio website address, physical address, phone number and email address. If you don’t want one of these items to appear in the listing, include an explanation as to why. Allow two weeks for your posting to appear.  If, after two weeks your studio is still not listed, please send a reminder email.

Enhanced Listings

We are now accepting “Enhanced Listings” at, which are also free. Listings include a picture or logo, A short “Log Line”, and a brief description of your studio and services offered. An example is shown for “Allied Post” at

To submit an enhanced listing, send your short text description and attach a JPEG (.jpg) image to display. Logline text must be under 150 characters, Description text must be under 300 characters, including spaces. Your picture or logo should not be larger than 300 pixels high and 400 pixels wide  (Ideal size is 150H x 225w).   All pictures and text are subject to review before posting.


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When you our your clients are in need of quality voiceover talent, we would greatly appreciate your consideration.  Demos are on our websites.